Above and beyond, always

The Whiteleaf commitment to customer service is woven into the way we work, from brief to installation, but it doesn’t stop there.


Whiteleaf’s customer service policy is designed to cover every base. We want to make sure that you get knowledgeable, professional and courteous assistance from every member of staff that you work with. We make sure that we maintain the high standards set by ISO 9001 and 14001, our Constructionline Gold accreditation and our British Furniture Manufacturer membership. This is how every member of staff aims to operate on a daily basis, so that if there’s an issue, we’re ready to solve it.


For most other contract furniture suppliers, this is where customer service ends. Whiteleaf are different. We want to make sure that your furniture lasts as long as we designed it to, so every piece of furniture we make comes with a 20 year warranty. No ifs, no buts, just exceptional quality and service as standard.